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Home Service

MY30MINUTES brings the workout home. Cutting-edge exercise technology is now available in the comfort of private homes. MY30MINUTES is now offering at home workout services bringing EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) equipment and one-on-one personal training to homes throughout the UAE.

MY30MINUTES has expanded its offerings by bringing EMS equipment, personal training, and nutritional coaching to private homes. Clients are invited to experience the same workout as if they were visiting the studio but in the comfort of their own home at a time they choose.

A session is only 20 minutes long with five minutes to change into the equipment and five minutes relaxation. Couples can train together, while families can book several sessions after each other.

Jemima Steinhart, founder of my30minutes fitness studio says, “One of the biggest barriers for most people is finding the time to fit in a workout. This at home workout solution with MY30MINUTES is even more convenient for people with busy schedules and limited time. We bring everything to you. All you need to do is block off 30 minutes for the workout. We have taken away the excuse of not having enough time; everyone can spare 30 minutes a day for a fitter, better life. “

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