EMS Training Weight Loss & Toning Workout

Combining EMS training with good nutritional and dietary habits allows you to more easily achieve your ideal physique and maintain a healthier and happier lifestyle.

At MY30MINUTES, clients trust us to help them produce results where other weight loss techniques have failed. Through EMS weight loss training, most major muscle groups are targeted simultaneously, with the option of specifically aiming at certain areas, such as deeper muscles that are hard to reach.

Benefits of EMS fat burning workouts

EMS fat burning workouts also burn more calories and improve metabolism more effectively compared with a regular 60-minute fat loss workout, as EMS training helps you build muscle and burn excess body fat.

These are just a few of the positive benefits you can expect from EMS weight loss training:

  • Improved stimulation for enhanced collagen production and blood flow to the skin
  • Reduced weight, fat elimination, longer endurance and an increase in long-term energy use
  • Targeted fat deposit reduction around the waist and hips
  • Prevention and reduced cellulite occurrence

We also provide individual nutrition coaching to help you achieve your fitness goals faster with a healthy, balanced diet and effective total body workouts. With MY30MINUTES, you will have a dedicated personal trainer for weight loss who will be by your side every step of the way on your journey to a healthier, fitter body.

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Whether you’re aiming to achieve a smaller waist, gain more defined muscles, or reduce body fat, a number of studies have confirmed the effects of Miha Bodytec full-body workouts**:

  • 87% of participants said they were “thrilled” with results, showing off highly visible body shaping effects and enhanced body image
  • 89% of participants felt stronger and tighter throughout their EMS training program
  • Decreased body fat by up to 4% within six weeks of starting the program
  • Men cut down their waist size by up to 2.3 cm and an average of 1-2 cm from the upper arms, chest and legs, all while building muscle
  • Women shed an average of 1.5 cm at the waist and hips
  • Clients classed as obese lost 3.5 kg and 9% body fat on average, trimmed off 6.5 cm from their waist and another 2 cm off their upper arm circumference after only 13 weeks of training.
  • Clients aged 65 years and above shed 6.8& of fat from the waist and lowered their circumference by 6 cm.

Looking for an EMS gym for weight loss workouts?

Our team at MY30MINUTES will provide a tailored workout plan that is aligned with your unique needs and personal goals. From recommending you the best workouts to lose weight to guiding you into a healthier diet and lifestyle, we are your partners in your fitness journey.

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