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Tired of spending two hours in the gym and getting nowhere? Punishing workouts can be exhausting and demotivating especially without the expert help of a trainer, but it doesn’t have to be that way…


Reap the unique benefits of electric muscle stimulation (EMS) during an incredibly effective full-body workout, in only half an hour. my30minutes provides EMS fitness training and there’s no time to waste as you’re guided by a fully-qualified instructor who pushes you to the limit.

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EMS training is scientifically proven to achieve

more effective results in a shorter period of time.

How? Your brain is responsible for sending electric impulses through the central nervous system to activate your muscles and make them contract. By using an electrical muscle stimulation device during your workout, this effect is enhanced, intensifying the muscle contractions. EMS training allows you to target all of the muscle groups individually and your my30minutes trainer will adjust the impulse intensity according to your fitness level and training goals.

Because EMS targets the muscles directly it is more intense than conventional training and there is no limit to the percentage of muscle fibres being activated. One 20-minute full-body workout can train more than 90% of your muscle fibres at the same time during every contraction.

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Burn fat

You’ll be amazed by the intensity of one 30-minute workout as you burn fat like never before.

Gentle on joints

EMS training protects your joints and works out your whole body safely, without the need for heavy weights.

Muscle strength

Develop stronger, leaner muscles in record time, with up to 85 contractions per second.

Aerobic workout

Enjoy a fitter, healthier lifestyle using electrical muscle stimulation to strengthen your respiratory system and increase endurance.

Your Personal Trainer

The best personal trainer will bring out the best in you. Our highly-qualified EMS coaches motivate you to take your training to the next level and ensure you reach your goals.

What our customers say

When I first started training I felt weak and unfit, but since joining MY30MINUTES I have more energy and my core, arms and legs are all a lot stronger. As well as personal training, the team provided nutritional advice to help me become more disciplined. The low impact style of exercise is easier on my knees and I no longer suffer from lower back pain.

Alex Divo

I have seen some excellent results at MY30MINUTES - my body has changed shape and I feel much fitter. I’m looking forward to staying on track and seeing what I can achieve next.

Obaid Saeed

I never thought I would achieve my ideal shape but Leila and the MY30MINUTES team showed me that anything is possible. Their support and encouragement has made all the difference.

Shamsa BT

At MY30MINUTES I don’t feel like I’m in the gym it’s more like a second home. The trainers are all very friendly and they motivate me without being intimidating. The customer service is excellent and the results are better than I ever expected.

Nadia Alkhaja

I used to think the only way to see better results was to spend more time in the gym but EMS training has totally changed my perspective. This is an excellent workout for fat loss, as well as gaining strength, and the results have been easy to maintain.

Niky White

When it comes to losing weight in Dubai, my30minutes is the place to be. I used to say I was too busy to commit but with EMS there’s no excuses any more. Now everyone can achieve their goals.

Rached Abad

Choose your goal:

Build muscle & improve athletic performance

EMS training stimulates your muscle fibres like never before, improving strength, speed and endurance.

Weight loss & toning

EMS workouts burn a high number of calories, helping boost your metabolism in one 30-minute session.

Rehab training

EMS can reduce pain and rebuild strength by directly targeting the muscles around the joints, even amongst deep seated muscles that can be harder to train with regular exercise.

Pre- and post pregnancy fitness

EMS training can be specifically tailored to help you tone up, regain your pre pregnancy shape and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Exercise with a busy schedule

Being too busy to exercise is a common complaint but, thanks to EMS training, now everyone has time for the body they want.

Find An Exercise Routine You Love

Not everyone likes to exercise and it’s easy to become bored when you’re doing something you don’t enjoy. EMS will get you hooked fast, with maximum results in minimum time.

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