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Rehabilitation Training


My30Minutes – Offering The Best Post Rehab Personal Training In Dubai

MY30MINUTES specializes in Electric Muscle Stimulation, also referred to as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). This technique has been commonly applied in the field of physiotherapy for many years due to its proven success.

We provide full-body EMS rehabilitation training for anyone trying to overcome acute or chronic injury. EMS training has the potential to deliver the same benefits as traditional physiotherapy, thereby making it the perfect option to complement a rehab and recovery program that is carefully planned out for the best results.

How Can EMS Supplement Your Fitness Rehabilitation Training In UAE?

EMS can be used on people of all ages to treat common areas such as the back, neck, knees and ankles. Targeted muscle rehab training, which also includes muscles around problem joints, can significantly lessen pain while optimally strengthening deep seated areas.

Body relaxation effect is another unique benefit of a full-body EMS athletic rehabilitation training program. Like with physical therapy, different frequencies and parameters are used to facilitate recovery, much like how a massage works.

This form of post rehab personal training is also effective for preventing and treating back pain, as demonstrated by various studies**. Training the core muscles surrounding the abdomen enables the spinal column to become more stable, while muscle imbalances are evened out, which leads to a stronger trunk and back.

Back pain statistics show:

Back pain statistics show:

  • 88% of participants experienced dramatic reduction in back pain, reporting up to 80% decrease in the duration and frequency of the pain
  • Over 40% of participants suffered from constant back pain at the start of the study, versus only 9% after six weeks of training
  • 44% of patients who had chronic problems reported total disappearance of pain
  • The duration of back pain caused by daily activities, such as heavy lifting, bending over, walking, heavy physical labor, sports, chores, driving or sitting for long periods, was alleviated by up to 30%.

Let Our Professional Rehabilitation Personal Trainer Help You Keep Fit While You Recover Your Strength

The MY30MINUTES team will work with you to create a personalized post rehab program in line with your individual goals and needs. Combined with a thorough fitness assessment and nutritional advice, EMS can help you restore your muscle strength and athletic performance in a safe, effective and innovative way.

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*** Full-length studies and all included literature will gladly be provided upon request.

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