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Get the Amazing Look and Toned Body You've Always Wanted!

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What is EMS?

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is a full-body training using impulse currents, which optimize the body’s natural muscle contractions for maximum effect. EMS training is highly beneficial for developing strength and building muscle, as well as promoting fat loss.

Is EMS right for you?

Every woman has her personal and individual fitness goal (and beauty ideal), and so do you. We know that! Therefore we customize every EMS session to your specific need and training goal. Our highly trained EMS coaches will design a 1:1 workout session that is perfect for you!

Your benefits with EMS training

  • Loose weight
  • Tone your body
  • Look beautiful
  • Feel good
  • Athletic performance
  • Improve strength
  • Post/Pre-Pregnancy
  • Rehab training
  • General fitness

What Our Customers Say

EMS trial session female

 I've never thought I would achieve my ideal shape but Leila and the MY30MINUTES team showed me that anything is possible. Their support and encouragement has made all the difference. Thank you!


EMS trial session female

I have seen some excellent results at MY30MINUTES - my body has changed shape and I feel much fitter. I’m looking forward to staying on track and seeing what I can achieve next.


EMS trial session female

At MY30MINUTES I don’t feel like I’m in the gym it’s more like a second home. The trainers are all very friendly and they motivate me without being intimidating. The customer service is excellent and the results are better than I ever expected!


Free Nutrition Guide

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Get the Amazing Look and the Toned Body You've Always Wanted!

Sign up for an EMS trial session, and experience the power of EMS yourself!

or call us: +971 (0)4-385 5353

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