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Customer success stories

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I was curious about EMS training but I never thought that I'd get the chance to try it until I received a text message advertising MY30MINUTES. They didn't let me down. With consistent healthy nutrition and workout, I have gone from obese to fit in less than half the time that it takes with normal diet and workout. (She already lost 35kg in 8 months)


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Saif Saif’s inspiring transformation who lost 24 pounds in just 6 weeks of continuous EMS training only 1x per week and proper nutrition.


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One of the biggest weight loss stories of MY30MINUTES. Christina was able to lose 58kg in 1,5 years of continuous training of EMS and healthy nutrition with dedication to achieve her fitness goal.


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Training once a week for 10 months and eating clean, Mehdi was able to lose 60kg in 10 months. Today he is leading the Fitness Industrie and feels better than ever thanks to MY30MINUTES.


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