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Two of the main challenges people face when getting fit are difficulty finding a type of exercise they enjoy and not seeing results fast enough. EMS training tackles both of these problems at once. The routine can be adapted and supplemented to suit your likes and dislikes, whilst the electric muscle stimulation device gets to work activating more than 90% of your muscle fibers at the same time, during every contraction. You will feel the benefit after every session and the following results have been reported after a period of 12 weeks:

  • 9% body fat loss
  • 4kg weight loss
  • 30% increase in strength
  • 89% of participants felt substantially stronger and more toned
  • 98% of all muscles are engaged during a workout

At MY30MINUTES we believe in making the most of every workout and we offer different EMS training options to suit you. Depending on your needs, we provide EMS group training, EMS personal training and an EMS home service, all under the instruction of an expert coach who knows how to keep you motivated as you work towards your goals. What’s more, because it’s so effective you only need to commit to one 30-minute session per week to make a big difference.

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