High Intensity Interval Training

EMS training is one of the most effective methods for toning your muscles, losing weight, increasing muscle mass, and improving your general health and well-being. And it does this safely and naturally by intensifying the body’s natural muscle contractions.

As a result, it makes for a perfect high intensity interval training method, similar to boxing and other quick 20-minute workout programs.
All you need is one quick 30-minute workout per week to keep you on track towards your fitness goals, alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle! You can choose to have your quick 30-minute workout at our studio, or we can have our EMS trainers visit your home for a private appointment, at your convenience!

What results can you expect from a weekly quick 20-minute workout

  • 87% of people using EMS training find it more effective in body shaping than conventional workouts
  • 89% of users feel more toned and much stronger with EMS
  • Research reveals up to 4% body fat reduction within the first 6 weeks of training
  • Female EMS users slimmed down their waist and hips by an average of 1.5 cm after 6 weeks
  • Male EMS users slimmed down their waist by an average of 2.3 cm after 6 weeks
  • Male users reported noticeable muscle development in their legs, upper arms, and chest, after 6 weeks
  • Overweight clients reduced their weight by an average of 3.5 kg and their body fat by 9%
  • Additionally, they also lost 6.5 cm from their waist and 2cm from their upper arms after 13 weeks
  • 6.8% percent fat loss around the stomach area
  • Professional athletes report a 4% improvement in overall muscle growth compared to conventional training techniques
  • 30% increase in maximum athletic performance through whole body EMS
  • Increased speed 3 weeks after the last training session
  • Muscle contraction speed increases by an average of 22% after 8 sessions
  • 67% improvement in maximum abdominal muscle performance
  • Difficult-to-train core muscles improve in explosive power by 74%

Book your quick 30-minute workout with us today!

Realise the benefits of high intensity interval training! Book a session through our online booking page. And if you have any queries, you can call us at +971 (0)4-385 5353 or send us an email at info@my30minutes.com.

*SOURCE: Vatter 2010 and review by Kleinöder, Filipovic (2011)

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