EMS activates more than 90% of the muscle fibres at the same time during each contraction, giving you incredible results in as little as 20 minutes.

EMS training is a cutting-edge training method that integrates the science behind electrical muscle stimulation into a series of exercises that are customised to help you achieve your personal fitness needs, one session at a time.

In an EMS workout, electrical impulses are rhythmically sent to target muscle groups across the body in order to stimulate muscle contractions. This is done through a range of EMS devices that are fitted on to the torso, as well as the upper and lower limbs.

At my30minutes, you will have a professional fitness trainer to supervise your EMS workout, guiding you through the exercises and motions while also ensuring proper form throughout each muscle contraction. We will sit down with you and help you plan your EMS workout routine, according to the health goals that you wish to achieve.

Based on your personalised EMS training plan, your personal trainer will adjust and control the intensity, rhythm and duration of the electrical impulses, so you get the optimal results every workout and maximise every session.

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There are numerous advantages to having an EMS fitness program personalised just for you. For one, EMS helps improve your strength and endurance by increasing the intensity of muscle contractions during workouts to reach up to 90% of your strength potential. Aside from that, it can accelerate the muscle rebuilding process, which is essential in increasing muscle mass.

Those who are looking for an effective weight reduction method can also benefit from working out at our EMS gym. EMS workouts often produce high metabolic activity during – and even after – a training session, which makes it a great encourages the body to burn fat and develop lean muscle. Finally, it can promote better blood circulation, which helps release muscle tension.

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Build muscle & improve athletic performance

EMS training stimulates you muscle fibres like never before, improving strength, speed and endurance.

Weight loss & toning

EMS workouts burn a high number of calories, helping boost your metabolism in one 30-minute session.

Rehab training

EMS can reduce pain and rebuild strength by directly targeting the muscles around the joints, even amongst deep seated muscles that can be harder to train with regular exercise.

Pre- and post pregnancy fitness

EMS training can be specifically tailored to help you tone up, regain your pre pregnancy shape and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Exercise with a busy schedule

Being too busy to exercise is a common complaint but, thanks to EMS training, now everyone has time for the body they want.

Find An Exercise Routine You Love

Not everyone likes to exercise and it’s easy to become bored when you’re doing something you don’t enjoy. EMS will get you hooked fast, with maximum results in minimum time.

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