“I used to think doing endless crunches, lunges and deadlifts was the key to becoming a champion cyclist. Then I found out that you can get the same results in just one session a week with MY30MINUTES. Fewer reps, less injuries and more cycling time – I’ve won already!”

Breakaway from the slipstream with the latest strength, endurance and flexibility boosting programme technology can offer. Prep your body to perform at its best with our 30-minute Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training sessions and spend less time in the gym and more time doing what you love.

Train smarter

Get a full-body workout while targeting precise muscle groups, strengthen your core efficiently and stay in the race by preventing common running injuries thanks to our low-resistance programme.

Gain more in less time

Get the results you need to set your new personal best in a fraction of the time. With our latest German EMS equipment, 30 minutes once a week is all it takes to train over 650 muscles!

Set the pace that’s right for you

Our certified EMS trainers are always on hand to help guide you on your quest to be the best that you can be at your sport with a customised training programme, diet plan and professional advice.

Realise your athletic potential today

Book your taster session now and get complimentary*:

  • One-on-one trial session with a certified EMS trainer who will introduce you to the world of EMS.
  • Full-body composition analysis, muscle to fat ratio analysis and weight control diagnosis.
  • Customised exercise planner and nutritional advice.

*Taster sessions are free, if you purchase a package with us on the same day.

The Benefits of EMS

87% of participants reported better body shaping effects, compared to conventional training methods.

89% felt significantly stronger and more toned.

Body fat was reduced by up to 4% within six weeks of starting EMS training.

Overweight clients lost an average of 3.5 kg and 9% body fat, as well as 6.5 cm from their waist and 2 cm from their upper arms, after just 13 weeks’ training.

Fat around the stomach was reduced by 6.8%.

EMS increased speed and the maximum performance of athletes by up to 30%

Maximum abdominal muscle performance increased by around 67% and core muscles improved by up to 74%.