4 Steps To Prevent Weight Gain While Rehabilitating After Injury

So you’re down with an injury. Few things are more frustrating. What goes through most people’s minds however when they find out they’re going to be sidelined for a while is the fear of weight gain. Now that you can’t exercise, how will you ever control your body weight?

The good news is that you definitely can avoid fat gain – and accelerate your recovery process with a few quick tips. Here’s what to know.


Keep the protein, cut back the carbs.

When it comes to avoiding weight gain when injured, nutrition is going to be key. Rather than crash dieting, which is what many people do, focus on keeping your protein intake up high but reduce back on the carbs you eat. Protein is necessary to avoid the loss of lean muscle mass tissue, so should never be cut.

Carbs are what you used to fuel that activity, so now that you aren’t doing as much, you can cut this macronutrient back. That will in turn prevent fat gain.


Do what exercise you can do.

Also remember that just because one part of your body is injured doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at all. Figure out what you can do and make an effort to keep doing those activities.

Even if it’s something as simple as going for a bike ride at the gym, this can still help you burn calories and keep you in the fit and healthy mindset.


Make good use of EMS training.

In addition to doing whatever regular exercise training you can do, also be sure that you are making good use of EMS training as well. This training can help you dramatically reduce your back pain, manage chronic pain, and could help get you back to your activity of choice far sooner than you otherwise would have.

Best of all, it dramatically lowers your risk of re-injury as well.


Plan your future workout routine.

Finally, rather than getting depressed about the situation and turning to food for comfort (which will only make your weight gain rate skyrocket!), get busy planning your future workout sessions. This will keep you mind focused on being fit and healthy and encourage you to make a speedy recovery.

Use these techniques and you’ll be back at your sessions before you know it.

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