5 Tips To Get Fit When You Have No Time

Feeling like there are just not enough hours in the day? You are not alone. Most people feel this exact same way and struggle to get all that needs to be done before turning in to bed.

If health and fitness are falling out of the picture for you, it’s time for a change. Let’s take a closer look at five tips that’ll help you get healthy when you barely have a minute to spare.


Use an exercise ball at work.

Want to firm up your core? Try using an exercise ball at work. Simply sitting on the ball instead of using your regular office chair will engage your entire midsection more, helping you keep those abs firm.

Kiss sit-ups good bye with this simple trick!


Get up and walk around every hour.

Sitting for hours on end is doing nothing for your overall calorie burn, so your mission should be to avoid doing so. Set a timer to go off once an hour and when it does, get up and move around. Even if it’s just for 3 minutes to get some water from the water cooler.

All this movement will add up to over a half an hour by the end of the day.


Try EMS training.

EMS training is a fast, effective way to get fit that will work with any busy schedule. You’ll be able to see great results in half the time and won’t have to kill yourself with each workout to do it. It’s simply the smarter way to get fit for busy individuals.

Cook in bulk

Diet is going to play a key role in your health and body composition. As such, it’s important that you get it on track. Start cooking your food in bulk whenever possible. Don’t grill up a single chicken breast. Try grilling up five or ten breasts at once so that you can eat them over the week to come.

Most people simply don’t have time to prepare their own meals, which is why they turn to unhealthy choices such as fast food or restaurant meals.


Keep smart ready-to-go snacks on hand.

Along with cooking in bulk, you should also be sure to keep some ready-to-go snacks on hand in your desk or car. This way, if you are ever stuck without food, you have options.

Try pop top canned tuna, whole wheat crackers and nut butter, home made trail mix, or a low sugar protein bar. All are excellent options that’ll help keep you lean.

Minding your health and fitness doesn’t have to take hours a day. Be smart in your approach and you can see results in no time.

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