5 Tips That’ll Catapult Your Muscle Building Results

Looking to build muscle? Feeling like your progress is a little stagnant? Perhaps you just need a few tweaks to get you back on track. Let’s take a closer peek at 5 quick and easy-to implement strategies you can use that will help you see accelerated results from your efforts.


Use a quality whey protein powder

Getting enough protein into your diet is a must to help with the muscle building process. Whey protein is a superior source. Not only is it highly convenient, it breaks down quickly upon consumption and can get to the muscle tissues immediately where it’s needed most.

Add one scoop per day after your training for best results.


Focus on your sleep quality.

Don’t ever discount the role sleep has on building muscle. Sleep is the primary time your body releases testosterone, growth hormone, and recovers from the workouts you’re doing. Without enough sleep, progress will be slow at best.

Harness the power of EMS.

EMS is one of the top tools you should be using to build muscle. EMS-training will help generate maximum muscle fiber stimulation, allowing you to get a top notch workout in without devoting a high amount of time to it.

Even better, you can gain up to 17% more strength in just four training sessions.


Don’t fear carbohydrates.

When it comes to nutrition, carbs count! Don’t avoid them entirely by going on the latest low carb diet. Carbs are the fuel your body uses to help generate more lean muscle mass tissue, so they need to be in your diet.

Focus your carbohydrates around the workout period to ensure maximum muscle building with minimal fat gain.


Limit your cardio training.

While you definitely don’t need to cut cardio training out entirely, do be mindful of how much you are doing. Too much cardio can counteract with the muscle building stimulus you’re creating, decreasing your results. Keep it to 2-3, 20 minute sessions max per week.

Use these five tips and you’ll be off to seeing better muscle building results in no time.

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