4 Tips To Help Boost Your Metabolism

When it comes to losing fat, the more you can improve your resting metabolic rate, the better your results will be. Your metabolism is responsible for the number of calories you burn on a day to day basis, so the faster it’s humming along, the faster you’ll be reaching your end goal.

How can you increase yours? If you feel like your metabolism is stuck on one speed: slow – then you need the following tips. Here’s what to know.


Eat more protein.

Did you know that for every 100 calories of protein you eat, your body will burn up around 20-30 of those calories just breaking that protein down? That’s right. This is referred to as the thermic effect of food (TEF). Protein has a 20-30% TEF value while carbs and fats have only a 4 and 2% TEF value respectively.

Basically, you’ll get a nice boost to your metabolic rate each time you include protein in your diet plan. This is yet another great reason to ensure you are getting enough protein.


Get more sleep.

While there’s no question that sleep is important for helping you feel refreshed each day, did you know that it’ll also help you lose weight as well? Those who aren’t sleeping enough tend to suffer from a sluggish metabolic rate and even worse, suffer from more food cravings and hunger as well.

A few nights of not enough sleep and your fat loss will come to a halt. Aim for at least 7, if not 8 hours each night.


Drink green tea.

Green tea is not only one of the healthiest beverages you could consume thanks to the disease-fighting antioxidants it contains, but it also offers compounds called catechins, which help to stimulate the metabolic rate and improve fat burning.

Drinking two to three cups of green tea per day could just give you an edge on your overall weight loss results. One caveat though: you must drink it without added sugar. If you add sugar to this drink, you’ll be taking in more calories, thus reversing the benefits it offers.


Try EMS-training.

As far as your training goes, get on the EMS bandwagon. Electrical muscle stimulation is a fantastic way to tighten and firm your body, burn up excess body fat, and increase your total daily calorie burn. Best of all, you’ll see results within just weeks of starting your program. No more waiting 12 weeks or longer to see noticeable changes.

If you put these four tips to work in your own protocol, you will increase your metabolism and get on the path to success. Don’t be frustrated any longer. It’s within you to change and get the results you deserve.

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