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Category: Fitness


Find An Exercise Routine You Love

Two of the main challenges people face when getting fit are difficulty finding a type of exercise they enjoy and not seeing results fast enough. EMS training tackles both of these problems at once. The routine can be adapted and supplemented to suit your likes and dislikes, whilst the electric muscle stimulation device gets to [...]

Rehabilitation Training

My30Minutes – Offering The Best Post Rehab Personal Training In Dubai MY30MINUTES specializes in Electric Muscle Stimulation, also referred to as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). This technique has been commonly applied in the field of physiotherapy for many years due to its proven success. We provide full-body EMS rehabilitation training for anyone trying to overcome [...]

Exercise With A Busy Schedule

High Intensity Interval Training EMS training is one of the most effective methods for toning your muscles, losing weight, increasing muscle mass, and improving your general health and well-being. And it does this safely and naturally by intensifying the body’s natural muscle contractions. As a result, it makes for a perfect high intensity interval training [...]

Post Pregnancy Fitness

Achieve 100% Postnatal Fitness In UAE At My30Minutes At MY30MINUTES, we understand that getting into shape after pregnancy can be a challenging and difficult journey. That’s why we’re here to help you discover and maximize the benefits of EMS technology for your postnatal fitness journey. EMS is considered amongst the fastest and most innovative fitness [...]

Build Muscle & Improve Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance Training Supplement your athlete fitness program with EMS training and take your strength and conditioning to a whole other level. Take advantage of advanced athletic performance training here at the premier EMS training facility in the UAE – my30minutes. How can EMS enhance an athletes’ sports training? Athletes are required to achieve and [...]
Weight Loss

Weight loss & toning

My30Minutes – Offering The Best ToningWorkout & EMS Training Weight Loss In Dubai When intense EMS training is paired with good nutritional and dietary habits, the result is an increase in your ability to lose weight and achieve the physique that you have long dreamt of. In the long run, you can be assured of [...]