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Athletic Performance Training

Supplement your athlete fitness program with EMS training and take your strength and conditioning to a whole other level.

Take advantage of advanced athletic performance training here at the premier EMS training facility in the UAE – my30minutes.

How can EMS enhance an athletes’ sports training?

Athletes are required to achieve and maintain peak mental and physical condition in order to compete at the highest levels of their sport. That’s why athletes follow specialised athletes’ sports training programmes – to help them perform under the intense pressure of professional competition.

During training and the actual competition, however, athletes often subject their central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) to enormous stress. Physical exertions such as lifting, sprinting, and pulling require the brain to constantly send signals through the spinal cord to specific muscles to accomplish various types of contractions.

EMS training can help athletes with their preparation by stimulating the muscles to complete intense, deep, and complete muscular contractions, without further stressing the central nervous system or the tendons and joints. Our EMS equipment will send optimal electrical impulses to target muscle systems directly, bypassing the CNS and stimulating targeted muscle activity.

The electrical impulses can be adjusted for varying intensities, durations, and rhythms. They can be directed at fast or slow twitch muscles. They can also be used to relax or activate a muscle system.

Basically, EMS training can serve as a complementary strength training session to help you achieve maximum results, each and every day.

Experience a full athletic body workout in just 30 minutes

We at my30minutes can help you boost your explosiveness, strength, endurance, and conditioning through a personalised EMS athlete fitness program that perfectly complements your athletic training. Whether you need to build your strength for powerlifting or your explosiveness for a sprinting competition, our EMS training sessions can be adjusted to support your athletic body workout!

And with a professional athletic performance coach supervising your training, you can be sure that you’ll get the best results from every session.

Book a private appointment with an athletic performance coach or try out one of our group training classes.

Discover the benefits of athletic EMS training today!

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