Muscle Toning Workout

Integrating EMS into your muscle toning program boosts the results of your workouts, allowing you to achieve your goals and see visible results more quickly and in a safe way.

EMS muscle toning workouts are highly effective in sculpting the muscles, increasing their strength and shaping your body into your ideal physique. Because EMS amplifies the effectiveness of workouts, it is the best toning workout for individuals who are not allowed to put any stress on their joints, shoulder or lower back.

How to tone muscle with EMS?

At MY30MINUTES, our ems licensed personal fitness trainers will guide you on how to best utilize EMS to improve your muscle toning program. EMS can be used to reduce fat in the thighs, stomach, buttocks, arms and other body areas that are usually hard to target with conventional workouts.

Major muscle groups are simultaneously targeted and worked out, speeding up weight loss, fat burning and toning the muscles. With EMS, your usual workout routines can produce more drastic results with the same effort and time.

Whether you want to lose weight more quickly or you wish to have a toned body shape, MY30MINUTES will help you maximize the benefits of EMS training with a tailored fitness program, coupled with nutritional and lifestyle advice.

We’ll design the best toning workout for your individual needs and fitness goals

All of our training packages start with a complimentary consultation, so we can better assess your physical needs, identify which areas need to be worked out and determine the best toning workouts to achieve your desired results.

These are some of the many benefits of our EMS-assisted workouts:

  • Full body workout plan designed based on your individual profile
  • Focused sessions with an EMS certified trainer who will work side by side with you on your fitness journey
  • Nutritional and lifestyle advice
  • Faster and improved results in less time you would spend at a conventional fitness center

Interested in EMS training? Try it for yourself at no cost! Book your EMS training trial here.

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